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    Guys, it was seriously therapeutic. #sorrynotsorry, dead fly.

  2. Genius.

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  3. “One of the candidates had mercifully left one of the pages with no writing on it (which is the best thing that can possibly happen to an examiner) and I wrote on it: ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit’. Names always generate a story in my mind. Eventually I thought I’d better find out what hobbits were like. But that’s only the beginning.“ 

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  5. For the time will soon come when hobbits will shape the fortunes of all.

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    'BOYS ARE NOT DISPOSABLE' haha yeah what a radical notion 'value men' wow haha fuck never thought of it that way before hahaha wow revelatory

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    I’m officially naming this award season “the year stars stopped giving a fuck”

    Far be it for me to dispute Cate Blanchett, or the larger point she’s making, but the guys are all wearing the same thing.  If the camera were to do that to the guys, it’d just be black pants over… and over…. and over…

    I agree. In this particular case, it’s apples and oranges. Tuxes versus gowns. Photocopies versus unique work. Perhaps their real foul was not running the shot by her before hand.

    I would like to point out, though, the salacious nature of the slow pan up a woman’s body. In this particular case, detail isn’t usually put on the hem of a dress (because no one wants to see hand beading or embroidery get dirty or ripped out by an errant stiletto), and a full-body shot would be better to showcase the drape and design of these beautiful gowns like in the fashion plate glossies. Starting at the bottom and slowly panning up dehumanizes women because you don’t see their faces until you’ve seen the rest of their bodies. Their identities don’t matter.

    That’s a really good point, thank you.

    #I’ve never seen such a calm exchange on tumblr

    For the record I appreciate the beading

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    pup at da beach

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    Jennifer Raymond’s free pattern for the knit Octopodes socks.

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    This is what happens when we all go to sleep and nobody is watching.